Saturday, 14 September 2013

Updated Bell Information

The weights of the bells were previously estimated.  When the bells went away for tuning they were weighed, giving us accurate weights for the first time and showing that the previous estimates were mostly major over-estimates!  The nominal frequencies of the new tuning are also shown for each bell.

14-1-201279.0 HzE27.63"1957Mears & Stainbank
24-3-111143.9 HzD29.75"1867John Taylor & Co
35-1-01023.0 HzC31.00"1608John II Clarke
46-0-18956.3 HzB33.75"1631James Keene
57-0-13855.3 HzA35.25"1653Miles III Graye
69-1-9765.0 HzG39.25"1654Miles III Graye

This information is taken from our entry in Dove's Guide.