Friday, 11 January 2013

Dismantling The Bells

On 7 January 2013 we started the second phase of our refurbishment project.  First of all the fittings for all six bells were removed and the trap ways were opened to provide a route from the bell chamber at the top of the tower down to the ground.  The first bell to be lowered down was the largest bell, the Tenor, which weighs about 10 cwt (0.5 tonnes).  This bell took the longest to get down as it got stuck in the ringing chamber trap way.  After a bit of persuasion it finally cleared the trap way and was lowered down to the ground.  The smallest bell, the Treble, was next and this was lowered down without a hitch.

On the second day, the remaining four bells were lowered down in the order Two, Three, Four and Five.  After the Bell Hanger had taken measurements of the frame, the pulley blocks and other frame fittings were removed.  On Thursday 9 January the bells were loaded onto the lorry and taken away for tuning and refurbishment.  Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help.

The Tenor raised out of its pit.

Being lowered from the bell chamber into the ringing chamber.

In the ringing chamber - will it fit through the trap way?

Hmm, not quite... it needs some help.

It's through!

Nearly there.

Made it!

All the bells down on the ground.

Tenor, Treble, Two and Three waiting for the lorry.

Four and Five also.

The Five is the last bell to be loaded.

All ready to go.