Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 New Year News

We start 2012 with lots of good news.  Just before Christmas we spent a couple of hours outside the Tesco store in Flitwick ringing a selection of carols on handbells which not only brought Christmas cheer to the shoppers but also raised £254 in donations.

We have very recently been informed that Flitwick Town Council have awarded us a grant of £620 towards the refurbishment, for which we are very grateful.  Further funds have also been raised this month by giving talks on the history of the bells to the Flitwick Women's Institute and the Flitwick U3A Group.

This money and other kind donations made during December and January now takes our total to £28,545.

With work on the trap ways now complete, the PCC have submitted a letter of intent to the preferred bellhangers Whites of Appleton.  It is anticipated that the work on the refurbishment and tuning of the bells will commence in January 2013.  This gives us twelve months to raise the remaining £4,455.