Saturday, 19 March 2011

March Update - Taking The First Steps

The first phase of the refurbishment project is to construct new trap ways so that the bells can be removed from the tower.  A meeting with the Architect and the Bell Hanger was held on 7 January 2011. At the meeting, the trap way in the ringing chamber floor was inspected with a view to widening it and the position of the new trap way to be cut in the bell chamber floor was agreed upon.

At the PCC meeting on 14 February 20011 the Architect was appointed for the work required to the bell chamber and ringing chamber floors. The Architect will now proceed with the faculty application and tendering for this work.

In parallel, the PCC are currently preparing the faculty application for subsequent phases of the refurbishment project; to tune and re-hang the bells.

These are the first important steps to make this project a reality!

February/March 2011 Donations

Donations amouting to £146 were greatly received in the past few weeks, taking the total raised so far to £5,435.